Six Instagram Accounts I Love

Mobile first from the start, irresistibly visual and constantly evolving without losing its original charm, Instagram is arguably the perfect social media channel for today. It certainly has my attention: I’m embarrassed to say this, but my day can’t start without first scrolling through my IG feed. And that’s definitely not the only time in the day that I tap its gradient-filled logo.

I love good visual stories – like, a lot. And Instagram is full of them. It offers a beautifully compact, comprehensive and completely customizable buffet of virtually any visual recipe you desire.

Of course, we all have personal favorites that titillate our eyes. Certain Instagram profiles always seem to offer me a hearty helping of inspiration.

Hungry? Feast your eyes on six of my very favorite Instagram accounts, listed below. Each one is worth a slow scroll.  


Purple leaves, salmon-colored feathers, multi-hued butterflies: Ann Wood and Dean Lucker’s Instagram home is filled with the nature-inspired art they create. Their presentations are stunning – paper wings and flowers seems to flutter in their carefully composed shadow boxes. They couple shots of their work with glimpses of their magazine-ready studio and home, providing a holistic view of their art-filled lives.

Rustic dream goals? Absolutely.


So much within New York City speaks to its rich, diverse and ever-evolving story. The city’s storefronts offer especially important history lessons, a fact James and Karla Murray are dedicated to preserving.

Their Instagram account, @jamesandkarla, features the faces of local restaurants, bodegas, cafes, and more, some long abandoned, some still thriving. There’s an emphasis on storefronts with hand-lettered signage, retro marquees and neon art – bittersweet reminders of a diverse, local economy that’s increasingly being replaced by corporate titans.  

In spite of the growing trend toward making all of New York City a hub for the ultra-rich, @jamesandkarla share a crisply photographed truth: It’s the little guys who’ve made The Big Apple a classic destination few can resist.


Though Twitter and Facebook are my go-to sources for real-time updates, Instagram has a special place in my regular news consumption. The official New York Times Instagram maintains the tradition of nuanced storytelling that has made the publication so reputable.

From interviews with reclusive divas to profiles of stylish city characters, @nytimes is a tightly curated look at people who color our world.


First emerging in underground Harlem clubs and now impacting dancefloors around the world, vogueing is an acrobatic form of queer expression that will leave you gagging and begging for more.

For years, independent archivists of queer history (as I like to call them) have turned to YouTube to share legendary performances of LGBT icons, kings and queens who’ve lit the ballroom scene on fire with ovah performances. Now, @vogueclips on Instagram is ablaze with dips, twirls, splits that leave you unable to say anything but YASSSS.


Huy Nguyễn is body, bae and travel goals all wrapped in one evocatively photographed package.

Is he a professional world explorer? A fulltime photographer? The personal trainer of my dreams? All of the above? I actually have no clue. A friend shared his Instagram with me last year, and I’ve been smitten ever since.

Based in Vietnam, Huy’s visual eye is gorgeously well-developed: Everything from rain-speckled windows to the perfect wave is captured as if in a thick, vivid and slow-moving dream. And then there’s his body, which he shows off occasionally, with good reason. That chest. That bubble booty.

Lawd Jesus, take the wheel.


Like combing through a great-uncle’s postcard collection, Christian Watson’s @1924us is a stunning glimpse into the rugged life of a traveler, brand developer, vintage goods purveyor and writer. Though using a super-modern digital channel, Christian has a clear, romantic emphasis on the tangible, well-loved and well-worn – and an evident devotion to nature over phone screens.

His nostalgia for tried and true, classic Americana appears in beautifully assembled compositions with small but impactful details like vintage desk supplies and his more-than-impressive camera collection. Go on and follow his journey, but be warned: You may get afflicted with a serious case of classic wanderlust.

So there you have it: A few of my Instagram faves. Like the platform itself, this list is bound to grow; I’m constantly on the hunt for new inspiration.

Which Instagram accounts do you love? I'd love to know.

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