Three Places Where Your Brand Story Lives

Of the billions of people on our planet, you are the only one that has your story. This story shapes the countless small and large decisions you make each day. And this story is instrumental in creating the lens through which you view and process the world.

Your story is a rare resource; it's capable of inspiring many. 

As a marketer, discovering, organizing and effectively telling brand stories that lead to success is of one of my most important missions. It's a holy grail, though the quest will always be unending. New pages are written each day; the plot thickens and thins; new characters are added constantly. Adaptation is a cherished friend. 

If you're an entrepreneur or budding influencer, tell me: What's your personal brand story? I know it may be a tough question, and words are often never enough. Images, sounds, smells and textures help tell incredibly powerful narratives, too. Regardless of your preferred materials, the question still needs answering. Successful and lasting brand marketing begins with a strong, self-recognized and affirmed story – one that is deeply rooted, genuine and adept at evolution. 

Social media platforms allow you to cultivate and strengthen this story over time, building an audience in the process. The consistent and strong story you share will help you stand out and attract loyal supporters.

If you're having trouble pinpointing your personal brand story, explore these three sources – your chapters may be waiting inside.

1). Your Present Joys

Don't dismiss the here and now in anticipation for the future. Thoughtfully sharing the long days working on your business plan, the therapeutic craft nights or the current book you're reading allows your audience to connect with the true you. Offer your current and potential followers captivating glimpses into the personal perspectives that shape what you offer  – it may help them recognize how your products or services can fit in to their own daily lives.

If you'd rather keep your brand visuals tightly curated and product focused, consider infusing a bit of your personal passions into your promotional copy, instead. Go ahead: Add the pop culture references you love, or share a funny memory that happened with friends. This personal touch can help guide your audience through a one-of-a-kind narrative that may resonate powerfully and keep them coming back. 

2). Family and Friends

In my experience, those closest to me appreciate certain aspects of mine that I often don't recognize. Insecurity and self doubt clouds clear reflections. Perform an informal survey to learn your loved ones' perspectives of you – they love you for many reasons, and may illuminate characteristics that your followers can love, too. 

You may also find it helpful to write your social post captions as if you were writing to a diverse group of new friends. Be clear and concise, and find comfort in the uniqueness of your own voice. But be mindful of things you might say that require additional context. If you're just getting started with your brand's story, an inside joke or personal catchphrase may require a bit of scene setting before you share it. Be patient with your new friends, and give them context – they're just getting to know you. 

3). Your Personal History

The singers I've obsessed over (Nineties divas forever!), the incredible artists I've met, the art I've made myself and the shared memories I have with friends all play key roles in the brand story I tell. Honor your journey: Organize the things you have loved in your life in places that are easily accessible. Resurfacing them from time to time can be helpful reminders that your brand has roots in a life experience you've been tending for a while. Regardless of how young or old your brand may be, its story is anchored in something deep. Recognizing that can help you withstand the growing pains that may come – they're a natural part of growing up. It may also help you remember why you started your brand in the first place. That original flame still burns. 

All of this personal history is content worth sharing. They're the exact emotional triggers that can transform passive observers into dedicated patrons. 

Need personalized help in identifying your brand story and crafting a social media strategy or campaign around it? Contact me; I'd love to connect with you.