Velvet Mouth

Velvet Mouth:

the light sways on your lips

(honeyed breaths in morning glory)

soft hand to touch;
draped kiss to melt;

crimson petals, dew-filled;

slow lake of thorns:
pleading tips

(a lovely rush to draw)

The poem written above is from my self-published collection of writings, "In/Within."


After much hard work, my first collection of poetry and creative writings is now complete. Meet "In/Within."

Many of the works in the book reflect my belief that true revolutions occur in the smallest of moments first. The importance of these moments inspire me, so a lot of my writing tends to focus on just a few of them.

Other works in the book share my fascination with the beauty of words, and how words can be used to evoke these small revolutions (the title, "In/Within" is meant to reflect the subtle differences between going deep and going deeper), as well as how the sounds of words themselves, and the interpretive movement of the mouth as it says them, often play an important role in articulating their meaning (for an easy example, think of "fat" or "long").

Most of the works are very short because I wanted to get down to the essence of my thoughts. The thought "What do I really want to say?" is my life's challenge.

There are 17 individual works, and the book measures 3 1/2 inches wide and 4 7/8 inches long. Short and sweet. I designed and printed the cover, printed each page with my small ink-jet printer (a.k.a. The Little Printer That Could) and then hand-bound each book with a simple pamphlet stitch.

I learned so much while creating this book, and am so proud to finally share it. Purchase it here, then tell me what you think of it :) [Update 10/29/2012- No more copies are available at this time. However, more will be added soon!]

Dream Catcher


slices, tilted
barely there 

succulent drifts 

in mid-air, 

eaten, swallowed,

a hunter

made the slices

each one,
a part.

I am wearing:
- a necklace by The PurpleShmurple Shoppe
- a leather wallet I made at New York Maker Faire
- a green shirt by Uniqlo, with another green shirt underneath by Diesel
- a thrifted cardigan
- thrifted pants
- long johns from a random discount store (I don't remember which one)
- socks from Uniqlo
- and shoes from Toms.


I don’t write enough.

None of my words are
floating in the air and
orbiting around
my apartment building

or refracting the sunlight and
forming tiny shadows in the neighborhood park...

I have, however, been reading a lot of poetry.

Dense, layered, complex; poetry is the language of life.

The world has ears, and there are many stories to tell it.

I have a story to tell.

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- I am wearing a shirt given to me by my mother, pants from H&M, a thrifted scarf and socks from Urban Outfitters.