Elsewhere: Make a Recycled Card Journal

In my latest guest blog post for FaveCraftsBlog.com, I created a tutorial demonstrating how to create a journal with an old card. Made in conjunction with their Earth Week theme, this is a great, recycled craft project that gives you the opportunity to add practical use to a cherished card from a loved one.

For the example in my guest post, I made a small journal with a place card I had laying around. After I finished the post, I decided to create another journal using a beautiful card I received from my friend, Shaun. It's perfect for poetry, grocery lists or random doodles. I'll keep it in my bag for whenever the inspiration hits.

Elsewhere: A 'Jurassic Park ' Terrarium

I am currently working freelance as a Community Editor for CraftFoxes.com, a new online community for crafters of all mediums.

Every other week, I have begun to create craft projects for the site. This week, I made my first terrarium. I was surprised at how easy it was to make. I decided to go with a Jurassic Park theme, as the project was initially inspired by a Star Wars terrarium posted on the site. You can find the instructions for making a basic terrarium in that project, too.

Check out The Jurassic Park Terrarium's dedicated blog post here, as well as its project page.

Autumn Leaves

"When autumn leaves start to fall..." - Johnny Mercer

Fall is here. It's crisp, with terse winds. It's nippy, not biting. I like it.

This year, for some reason, it is especially beautiful to me. The gold leaves are especially golden. The red leaves are deeper, more heartfelt.  Everything is in it's place. The leaves are glowing. 

I found this green military jacket at a thrift store, and added a bit of craft love to it for a BurdaStyle project. I made a heart full of buttons that I hand-sewed on, and replaced all of the jacket buttons with fabric-covered ones. Get step-by-step instructions on how to make both, here.


- I'm also wearing a scarf from my friend Shaun, pants from Gap and thrifted shoes.