A Yarn Infuser

If you are working on a small crochet or knitting project, store thin yarn in a tea infuser for safekeeping while traveling. It's sort of like your own mini, covered yarn bowl.

I purchased my tea infuser from a thrift store. After thoroughly cleaning it, here is how I transformed it into my "yarn infuser:"

The supplies I used were a pair of pliers (particularly made for jewelry-making), mercerized cotton yarn, a small clasp, a small jump ring, a pair of scissors and, of course, my thrifted tea infuser.

Make sure that the yarn you use is thin enough to go through your infuser's holes.

First, I removed the hook attached to my infuser with my pliers.

Then, I open up my jump ring with my pliers, and inserted the clasp in the jump ring. Once the clasp was inserted, I put the jump ring through the top of my tea infuser's chain and closed it. 

Then, I created a ball big enough to fit into my infuser from my yarn. A good tutorial for creating a yarn ball can be found here.

Then, I inserted the end of the yarn ball through one of the top holes of my infuser.

Finally, I put the lid on my infuser, and attached it to my favorite bag. 

If your crochet or knit project is small enough, you might be able to fit it in your infuser along with your yarn. Be sure that the top and bottom edges of your infuser are thoroughly cleaned, though. Otherwise, it may leave a mark on your yarn. 

If it is too big, you can simply carry a pouch to store your yarn infuser and your project together. 

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