Work Examples

For over 10 years, I've navigated New York's professional landscape, cultivating experiences with a range of companies, organizations, and talented individuals. These experiences have sharpened my skill as a versatile creative storyteller– I've had to wear many hats for much of my career.

Of the hats I wear, writing, photography, website development, and marketing strategy development are most loved and used. Explore examples below of some of this work, and contact me to see how these skills can help articulate your vision. 

Website Development

A central destination to tell one's story is often essential for business growth. It provides current and potential customers with a reliable resource they can refer back to often, and lets brands expand their business into new territories, including e-commerce and original editorial content. 

It's common, however, for brands to face challenges when attempting to create these types of destinations. For instance, they may hire a designer to build their overall site structure, but are then left with the problem of writing brand copy and selecting imagery for the site. If these aren't your areas of expertise, you may have difficulty with identifying the most effective words and visuals that speak to your audience in compelling ways. Or you may hire a myriad of outside help with disjointed and competing visions or workflows. 

My mission is to provide holistic solutions to these problems. In my creative storytelling work, I view my client's goals holistically, and offer strong skills in content structuring, copywriting, photo curation, and photography to build a website that tells their complete story. 

Below, see some of the web presences that I helped bring to life. And contact me today to explore how we can work together and create a powerful presence that is unique to your needs. 

New Directions Secondary School

High school is tough, but picking the right one doesn't have to be. At, see creative storytelling work for New Directions Secondary School, a Bronx-based school for students in grades 7 through 12. Working with school staff, I aimed to explain clearly the unique attributes of the school, and provide clear steps for prospective students. 


New Day United Methodist Church

A boundary-crossing church like New Day needs a bold online presence that articulates biblical teachings in fresh ways. As a regular member, I work closely with their Pastoral ministry to craft unique marketing concepts that are accessible and memorable. Their website also has content in both English and Spanish, further highlighting the welcoming atmosphere they embody each Sunday. 



Anne Gibbons

For her website, Anne and I collaborated to create a highly visual destination that showcases her rich experience as a graphic recorder. I maintained a goal-focused approach to our efforts, in order for prospective clients to gain a full understanding of her skills, discover examples and testimonials from past work, and have a clear path to contacting her for hiring. 


DRJ Spokestyle

Daniel Jones is a talented stylist who needed a unique, fashion-focused destination to explain his services, perspective, and experience. I worked with him to identify the essential aspects of his brand story, then sharpened the messages of each component through thoughtful copywriting. We then composed original visuals to complement the copy, coupling both on a simple yet impactful web template. See the colorful results of our collaboration at