I strive to give all of my clients my best work. Written below are reviews from some of the brands and organizations that I've had the pleasure of working with. 

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Akornefa Akyea

I am a musician and I hired David Leon Morgan to photograph me for an upcoming release. It was a logistical dream to work with him. He responded promptly to my inquiry and was very responsive throughout the entire process. He is also very creative and has an eye for setting and conveying emotion through photographs. I would definitely recommend him if you need a creative photoshoot done or a new headshot!

Akornefa Akyea
December 5, 2018


The Fortune Society

“We hired David Leon Morgan to help us take The Fortune Society's digital presence to the next level. Boy, did he deliver! Since coming on board, David has been crucial in helping us transform our content marketing efforts––enabling us to form deeper relationships with our audiences, cultivate brand awareness, boost brand engagement, and increase conversions and donations from new and current supporters.

As a strategic communicator, full-stack marketer, creative problem solver, superb writer and editor, and skilled project manager––David’s versatility helped us craft a social media and email strategy; create engaging blog content for the Fortune website; write in-depth articles for our newsletters; pen effective fundraising letters and e-appeals; and compose compelling marketing materials. His efforts have led to consistent growth of our email list; robust follower increases across our social media channels; 50% growth in revenue from our digital fundraising efforts in his first year; and increased engagement on our website.

In addition to David’s digital and content marketing expertise, he’s a talented creative––directing, shooting, editing, and curating photography across our print and digital communications. His keen eye and attention to detail has enabled us to strategically align our visuals to what we want to communicate about Fortune’s brand.

We’re delighted to continue working with David and recommend him to help you scale your creative content and digital marketing efforts.”

Emerson Soto
Director of Design and Digital Media
The Fortune Society
October 26, 2018


New Directions Secondary School

"David Leon Morgan was invited to engage our high school and middle school youth, as well as staff members, to participate in the development of a new website for our school. The idea for this new website was that it would be much more youth centered than our previous site, and that it would become a 'pass-through' portal for many different school functions and constituencies.

David used his excellent listening skills, and consistently provided amazing attention to our students, giving them the necessary encouragement so that each constituency could be creative and take genuine ownership of the project. This was, in my opinion as a veteran school leader, one of our best collaborations to date, with far-reaching implications for how our students view and feel about their unique school.

Our new website is structured for ongoing student input, and serves as a significant place for them to have visibility and voice. We are truly grateful for David's high attention to detail, excellent adherence to deadlines, and his amazing ability to get others to 'open up' and share their creative talent."

Jim Waslawski
New Directions Secondary School
April 5, 2017

The Tenth Magazine

"The importance of a resident wordsmith at an Art & Culture magazine with deep literary roots and ripe fruit on the shelves of some of the world’s best shops, from MoMA PS1 in New York City to Library of Arts in Paris, cannot be understated. David Leon Morgan is the type of talent that one meets in places like Mars, or Venus—there’s a sense of otherworldly beauty and complexity in his words and images. As Digital Content Manager for The Tenth Magazine, David’s commitment to elevating and queering the written word in the name of community organizing and activism has been impressive, and made much of the online chatter we live amidst as a media organization, more culturally significant and sensitive than it had been before his arrival."

Khary Septh
The Tenth Magazine
July 12, 2016

Anne Gibbons

"David Leon Morgan is the consummate professional. He has a gentle, patient manner, a creative vision, business know-how, and the willingness to explore any and all possibilities to find the perfect solution for each client. His range of expertise is wide. His redesign of my web site included taking various photographs, and he is advising me about developing a social media marketing strategy for my work. I strongly recommend him!"

Anne Gibbons
Illustrator and Graphic Recorder
December 9, 2016


DRJ Spokestyle

"I met David through a client of mine who told me he was very great at what he does and advised me to look into his work.

David and I exchanged information with one another and since that day I have fallen in LOVE with everything he has touched. David is so in tune with his clients and keeps in touch every step of the way. Plus, his vision on all projects is so clear.

There were times throughout our process together that I was so scatterbrained and really unclear of how, or what, to do next. David helped me organize and filter out all of my ideas, and put them in a form of art that appeals to my audience. I've received so many compliments on my new site, as well as on the pictures David shot.

I’m already excited, not only for the next few projects we have together, but excited for David and the milestones he will accomplish. His work ethic, dedication and professionalism will take him to high places. I would refer him to anyone I know that needs his help, and have already started doing so."

Daniel R. Jones
Personal Stylist
DRJ Spokestyle [website on hiatus]
June 29, 2016



"David is a true crafter and a handmade enthusiast with years of experience in the social media field. He is an excellent community builder who understands and connects with brands and audiences in a genuine way. David is caring and passionate and conveys that with ease so people trust and want to connect with him and the brand he represents. His visual style is very current and his insights of contemporary aesthetics are spot on. He’s helped to form the initial narrative for CraftJam and successfully reached out to our target audience to create awareness and engagement."

Nora Abousteit
May 19, 2016


The Style and Finish Lab

"From the very moment that I found out that David was branching out to start his own marketing firm, I didn't hesitate to contact him to help restructure and optimize my marketing strategies. He worked diligently with great turn around time to complete an entire social media strategy for me and grab the attention of past, current, and future customers in my targeted demographic. I've seen notable growth of my small company since David took on my project.

I highly recommend David's services to anyone looking for customer acquisition, branding, or just looking for a new strategy to reach their targeted audience through social media."

Michael Nesbitt-Gaines
The Style and Finish Lab
May 13, 2016


New Day Church

"David, thank you very much for the remarkably creative and skillful way in which you are leading our marketing campaign. We set a bold goal to double our usual worship attendance for our anniversary celebration and you helped us meet our goal! The theme you developed took our church's perceived weakness of meeting in a school cafeteria and turned it into a strength. The Facebook pictures you continue to post are beautiful and compelling. You are generating a lot of positive energy and interest through the campaign and we are really grateful!"

Doug Cunningham
New Day Church
March 26, 2016