Social Media Solutions

Looking to achieve social media success? Here's how I can help:

Strategy Development

A successful social media presence requires more than just posting on Instagram once in awhile. As an experienced social media specialist, I will work with you to develop a clear and focused strategy that articulates your brand voice and the particular qualities of your brand look and feel. I will also pinpoint the specific social media channels best suited for your goals, gleaming from market research, and craft a consistent posting schedule that is optimized for your target audience and varied enough to keep them interested.


Utilizing research from competitors and influencers within the food industry, I crafted a comprehensive social media strategy for Nutbox. In this strategy, I recommended channels with strong visual components, like Instagram and Facebook, in order to emphasize their delicious food options. I also included notable, food-specific holidays to take advantage of throughout the year, a comprehensive list of targeted hashtags for Instagram, and recommended visual treatments for their daily social media content.

As a result of this strategy and subsequent paid and organic marketing efforts, their Facebook follower growth increased by 113% and their Instagram follower growth increased by 81% between July 2017 and September 2018.

Day-to-Day Execution

I transform strategy into action through day-to-day social media management and audience engagement for all major social media channels. This includes crafting strong copy, identifying or photographing compelling brand images, and interacting with current and prospective followers, all within a consistent, data-informed schedule.

I am a careful writer and visual storyteller who loves exploring how to captivate an audience in brand-affirmative and goal-focused ways.


Since helping to reimagine and reshape The Fortune Society's social media efforts, they have experienced a 125% follower growth on Instagram between October 2016 and September 2018. 

Customer Service and Crises Response

As hard as a business may try to avoid it, encountering an angry or frustrated customer will likely happen at some point in the business’ lifetime. On social media, critical feedback can be given immediately and very publicly by virtually anyone. A successful brand social media presence must include resources for dealing with a full range of customer sentiments, and these resources need to be applied thoughtfully and swiftly.

Bringing years of knowledge engaging with passionate communities, I will craft solutions to prepare you for challenging social media encounters. This includes developing a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document applicable to multiple channel formats like Twitter and Instagram, outlining a clear escalation path and building a comprehensive emergency plan for potential social media crises.

Campaign Development

Launching a big sale? Gearing up for a special holiday event? To get the most out of time-sensitive initiatives, it is important to have a clear strategy that outlines campaign objectives, key tactics and measurable goals.

I have led social media campaigns for large-scale initiatives like Etsy’s 10th anniversary celebration, and can guide you in brainstorming and crafting creative solutions tailored to your audience’s interests. Then, I can turn plans into actions by managing your initiatives from start to finish.


Now, let's discuss how these solutions can help you achieve social media success; contact me.