Hi; my name is David Leon Morgan. I’m a creative brand storyteller. 

Stories transform strangers into friends, and shape ordinary items into treasured family heirlooms. They give context to the products we choose to buy or the celebrities we admire.

Indeed, stories shape the human experience.

Social media has captivated billions due in large part to the stories we tell through it, from baby announcements to culinary successes. And it offers opportunities for others to respond, creating a unique interdependence between content creators and audiences that’s reshaping definitions of communication and community.

I’ve spent the last seven years crafting stories and leading social media strategies for brands like Etsy, BurdaStyle and CraftFoxes. Now, I’m a freelancer dedicated to helping brands small and large identify their story and develop creative strategies around it. I couple my work experience with a strong creative eye to build unique solutions that speak to a brand’s essence and encourages metrics-aligned success.

I offer a comprehensive suite of experienced-backed skills to meet a brand’s needs, including social media management, brand development, copywriting and photography. Learn more here.

Contact me. I’d love to learn more about you, and explore ways that we can work together.